To All the Girls Who Get Pegged as Snow White

This one goes out to you, dark-haired girls.

This goes out the the girls who get pegged as Snow White.
While other girls get assigned spirit princess by their personality (Oh, you are just so excited about life so you're Rapunzel! or You are such a dreamer, so you're Cinderella!), we get assigned by our hair.

"You are most definitely Snow White--your hair is so dark."


I am more than my hair color!
I have other princess-like attributes!

I love to read, so maybe I'm Belle.
I work extremely hard, so maybe I'm Tiana.
I'm awkward, so maybe I'm Anna.

Why am I defined by my hair color?!

We talk about beauty ideals in the media. We all claim that we won't let our children judge themselves according to their looks.

So please, can we not judge us according to our hair color?!

Over and out.

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  1. Well, I get judged a lot for being blonde. And I would probably get called Snow White based on my pale, pale skin haha. I feel like being a woman in general sadly leads to being judged off of appearance. Since watching Misrepresentation, I see it a lot more. Politicians, actresses, moms, all of us get nit picked for something. We can only be us. So yeah, preach! Just do you girl! You don't have to be any Disney princess, because you are God's princess ;)