Online Recipes

So I'm a newlywed. And a college student.
I love my husband and I love cheap, easy food.
But this is hard, guys!
During the summer, I wrote out entire weekly meal plans. I went to the grocery store once a week and bought everything I needed.

Nowadays? Not so much.
It's more like "Oh, we're out of bread. And milk. And eggs. And noodles."

Still, I love to cook.
That is why I love the website Supercook! I put in what ingredients I have and it tells me what I can make! Sure, I might need one thing or two from the store, but not much! I highly recommend it.

This, my friends, is an excellent use of technology and media. Not only can I read the recipe, but I can see pictures of it! I can read reviews and changes made by other people! There is a reason the Internet was created. This reason was most definitely free recipes.

What tips do you all have for finding easy recipes? Is there a website I don't know about? Let me know!