My New (Crazy?) Book of Mormon Theory

Recently, I started reading the Book of Mormon again.
To be honest, I wasn't really biting at the bit to start (Sinner? Blasphemer? Who knows?). I love the Book of Mormon, but thinking about rereading 1st Nephi made me cringe. I swore that I knew the stories by heart. I know the location on the pages of all the verses.
Still, I felt I should start from the beginning.
This time around, instead of trying to finish it in a designated amount of time, I decided to take it SLOOOWWW. And I mean that! I reread every verse a few times. If I feel my eyes start to glaze over, I gather my wits and try harder.
Reading this way, I developed a theory about a story that we've often read: The angel appearing to Nephi and his brothers when they return to get the bronze plates.

Basically, Laman and Lemuel are mad at Nephi (surprise) and they beat him. An angel appears and tells them to stop and listen to Nephi because he will one day rule over them. Then the angel leaves. Immediately afterward, Laman and Lemuel doubt what the angel said.

Okay, here's my theory: The angel looked like a normal person. There was no bright light, white-robed personage.

When Alma and the sons of Helaman saw an angel (with all the trimmings) appear, they fell to the ground and were stunned. Laman and Lemuel seem like they didn't take the angel seriously.

"Angel" means "messenger". Perhaps Nephi had the Spirit and could tell that this person was a messenger from the Lord, but Laman and Lemuel did not see the importance and glory of this meeting.

What angels do we miss everyday in our lives? Perhaps we are a lot more like Laman and Lemuel than we think.

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  1. Thats very interesting! Thanks for sharing your theory :) I love how you said, "What angels do we miss everyday in our lives?" I know I could definitely improve and being more in tune with the spirit and recognizing the hand of the Lord. Being a critical viewer of media can definitely help us with that.