Death to Old PowerPoint Slides

There are few things in college more painful than the sight of this:

Okay, that one is pretty bad. Usually they look like this:

Image result for bad powerpoint slides

Oh, how I hate that blue background.
Today I thought about how powerpoints are a form of media that I see quite frequently. It is so refreshing when professors make sure they are clean, brief, and legible.
I'm grateful for powerpoints (when the slides are available) because it saves my hand from carpal tunnel syndrome, but I will gladly jot down some notes for the sake of clarity.

As we move into our professions, can we please make a joint decision to use dynamic and helpful powerpoints? Please?!

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  1. Power points are very poorly maintained it seems by college professors. It is always rewarding to find a professor who presents their lessons using clean and to the point media pieces.