I Love the Brits

Has anyone else watched The Great British Baking Show?
If not (and you are a fan of baking competitions), I highly recommend it.
The humor is dry, the people are lovable, and the bakes are divine.

There is only one season of TGBBS on Netflix, so after I finished it I started watching* some Cupcake Wars episodes.
No. Comparison.
The dialog in Cupcake Wars was forced and the editing terrible. I've watched it before, but I have new eyes after TGBBS.
I mean, this show is so good that I'm watching the same season for a second time (with my husband) and I'm enjoying it even more than the first time!
The Brits know how to make good entertainment.

Speaking of which, I recently watched North and South.* I've seen this miniseries before, but it is so worth watching again (and again, and again, and again)! North and South is based off a novel and is Pride and Prejudice-esque. It is about a woman who is from the South of England and moves to the industrial North. On top of an amazing love story, it also poses a commentary on poverty, poor working conditions, and strikes.

When you have four hours to spare, watch it!

As an avid Doctor Who and Sherlock fan, I'm in love with British television.
If you have any suggestions, send them my way!

*Note: I am a graphic designer for my job. I watch (read: listen) to shows while I design so that I stay alert.