Beauty Redefined

I'm extremely blessed to work in BYU's Women's Services and Resources office. We focus on connect women to resources and providing activities that focus on women's needs (men are welcome at all of our events, as well!).

Today, we had Lindsey and Lexie Kite, PhDs, of "Beauty Redefined" come and give a presentation on body image. Lindsey and Lexie are identical twins whose research focus is body image in the media.

They. Were. Amazing.

Women's Services and Resources will post a recap on their blog soon, but I wanted to say one thing that stuck out to me:

There are frequent, viral videos that come out about thinking you are beautiful in your own skin (this Dove commercials). I'm a sucker for these. However, they are still marketing something. They still want you to buy their products. And their message of "You are beautiful the way you are" is still tying your self-worth to how you see your body in terms of beauty.

Beauty Redefined focuses on the worth of your body: spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We have bodies and Satan's followers do not. They want us to despise and misuse what we have. They want us to judge others by their bodies, and therefore judge ourselves.

Some things that I'm going to start doing because of the presentation: 1) Giving compliments based on actions or personality, not "cute hair!" or the like (this is sooo hard to do). 2) Judging my health according to my activity level, not my BMI or weight.

I strongly encourage you to look up Beauty Redefined--it is well-worth your time!

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  1. I love the Beauty Redefined website. These twins are really doing incredible things. Whether or not we acknowledge it, media has a powerful impact on how we view ourselves. I love their website because it brings the lies that the media tells us to our attention and then invites us to choose how we will define ourselves.