To All the Girls Who Get Pegged as Snow White

This one goes out to you, dark-haired girls.

This goes out the the girls who get pegged as Snow White.
While other girls get assigned spirit princess by their personality (Oh, you are just so excited about life so you're Rapunzel! or You are such a dreamer, so you're Cinderella!), we get assigned by our hair.

"You are most definitely Snow White--your hair is so dark."


I am more than my hair color!
I have other princess-like attributes!

I love to read, so maybe I'm Belle.
I work extremely hard, so maybe I'm Tiana.
I'm awkward, so maybe I'm Anna.

Why am I defined by my hair color?!

We talk about beauty ideals in the media. We all claim that we won't let our children judge themselves according to their looks.

So please, can we not judge us according to our hair color?!

Over and out.
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Online Recipes

So I'm a newlywed. And a college student.
I love my husband and I love cheap, easy food.
But this is hard, guys!
During the summer, I wrote out entire weekly meal plans. I went to the grocery store once a week and bought everything I needed.

Nowadays? Not so much.
It's more like "Oh, we're out of bread. And milk. And eggs. And noodles."

Still, I love to cook.
That is why I love the website Supercook! I put in what ingredients I have and it tells me what I can make! Sure, I might need one thing or two from the store, but not much! I highly recommend it.

This, my friends, is an excellent use of technology and media. Not only can I read the recipe, but I can see pictures of it! I can read reviews and changes made by other people! There is a reason the Internet was created. This reason was most definitely free recipes.

What tips do you all have for finding easy recipes? Is there a website I don't know about? Let me know!
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Death to Old PowerPoint Slides

There are few things in college more painful than the sight of this:

Okay, that one is pretty bad. Usually they look like this:

Image result for bad powerpoint slides

Oh, how I hate that blue background.
Today I thought about how powerpoints are a form of media that I see quite frequently. It is so refreshing when professors make sure they are clean, brief, and legible.
I'm grateful for powerpoints (when the slides are available) because it saves my hand from carpal tunnel syndrome, but I will gladly jot down some notes for the sake of clarity.

As we move into our professions, can we please make a joint decision to use dynamic and helpful powerpoints? Please?!
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Video Game Family

In my classes in the School of Family Life, there is inevitably a time when video games comes up. They are almost universally cast in a bad light. I know there are reasons video games can be bad. I know they can be extremely addicting. I know that they numb people. Believe me (In fact, one time I stood in front of my cousin's TV so he couldn't see the screen because I hated that he was killing people. I kept telling him "They have families!").

Despite all this, video games will always mean so much to me.
I talked about this a little in class, but here is more of the story.

I didn't watch a football game until I was in high school. I don't think ESPN was ever on our TV screen. We're just not a sports family. We're a video game family.

Some of my earliest memories are watching my dad play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. We also had a Sega system and would play old games on that. My sisters and I played MarioKart on the Nintendo 64 together (blowing into the cartridge, anyone?). Video games were a family affair. I have spent many hours watching my dad defeat dungeon bosses. I play SuperSmash Bros (I'm awful and so I'm Kirby). I remember cuddling up next to my dad and telling him what to do in Diablo. When my family gets together, it inevitably ends with a Wii game and lots of laughter.

There were never any first-person shooters in my house. There was a lot of laughter.

Video games need to be treated with caution, but I have seen such unity come from them. People can have their own opinions, and I am still creating my own, but right now I quite like games.
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My New (Crazy?) Book of Mormon Theory

Recently, I started reading the Book of Mormon again.
To be honest, I wasn't really biting at the bit to start (Sinner? Blasphemer? Who knows?). I love the Book of Mormon, but thinking about rereading 1st Nephi made me cringe. I swore that I knew the stories by heart. I know the location on the pages of all the verses.
Still, I felt I should start from the beginning.
This time around, instead of trying to finish it in a designated amount of time, I decided to take it SLOOOWWW. And I mean that! I reread every verse a few times. If I feel my eyes start to glaze over, I gather my wits and try harder.
Reading this way, I developed a theory about a story that we've often read: The angel appearing to Nephi and his brothers when they return to get the bronze plates.

Basically, Laman and Lemuel are mad at Nephi (surprise) and they beat him. An angel appears and tells them to stop and listen to Nephi because he will one day rule over them. Then the angel leaves. Immediately afterward, Laman and Lemuel doubt what the angel said.

Okay, here's my theory: The angel looked like a normal person. There was no bright light, white-robed personage.

When Alma and the sons of Helaman saw an angel (with all the trimmings) appear, they fell to the ground and were stunned. Laman and Lemuel seem like they didn't take the angel seriously.

"Angel" means "messenger". Perhaps Nephi had the Spirit and could tell that this person was a messenger from the Lord, but Laman and Lemuel did not see the importance and glory of this meeting.

What angels do we miss everyday in our lives? Perhaps we are a lot more like Laman and Lemuel than we think.
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Beauty Redefined

I'm extremely blessed to work in BYU's Women's Services and Resources office. We focus on connect women to resources and providing activities that focus on women's needs (men are welcome at all of our events, as well!).

Today, we had Lindsey and Lexie Kite, PhDs, of "Beauty Redefined" come and give a presentation on body image. Lindsey and Lexie are identical twins whose research focus is body image in the media.

They. Were. Amazing.

Women's Services and Resources will post a recap on their blog soon, but I wanted to say one thing that stuck out to me:

There are frequent, viral videos that come out about thinking you are beautiful in your own skin (this Dove commercials). I'm a sucker for these. However, they are still marketing something. They still want you to buy their products. And their message of "You are beautiful the way you are" is still tying your self-worth to how you see your body in terms of beauty.

Beauty Redefined focuses on the worth of your body: spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We have bodies and Satan's followers do not. They want us to despise and misuse what we have. They want us to judge others by their bodies, and therefore judge ourselves.

Some things that I'm going to start doing because of the presentation: 1) Giving compliments based on actions or personality, not "cute hair!" or the like (this is sooo hard to do). 2) Judging my health according to my activity level, not my BMI or weight.

I strongly encourage you to look up Beauty Redefined--it is well-worth your time!
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I Love the Brits

Has anyone else watched The Great British Baking Show?
If not (and you are a fan of baking competitions), I highly recommend it.
The humor is dry, the people are lovable, and the bakes are divine.

There is only one season of TGBBS on Netflix, so after I finished it I started watching* some Cupcake Wars episodes.
No. Comparison.
The dialog in Cupcake Wars was forced and the editing terrible. I've watched it before, but I have new eyes after TGBBS.
I mean, this show is so good that I'm watching the same season for a second time (with my husband) and I'm enjoying it even more than the first time!
The Brits know how to make good entertainment.

Speaking of which, I recently watched North and South.* I've seen this miniseries before, but it is so worth watching again (and again, and again, and again)! North and South is based off a novel and is Pride and Prejudice-esque. It is about a woman who is from the South of England and moves to the industrial North. On top of an amazing love story, it also poses a commentary on poverty, poor working conditions, and strikes.

When you have four hours to spare, watch it!

As an avid Doctor Who and Sherlock fan, I'm in love with British television.
If you have any suggestions, send them my way!

*Note: I am a graphic designer for my job. I watch (read: listen) to shows while I design so that I stay alert.

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